every piece in our collection is consciously-made with fabrics and design elements that aim to bring only beauty to the world. whether organically-farmed, locally-sourced, or recycled with repurposed threads, our fabrics are an essential step in our slow-fashion journey.

recycled knits

our boucle sweaters are crafted from 65% recycled italian cashmere and 3% recycled wool that has been spun from waste of past production. using recycled fibers and fabrics allows us to repurpose waste, giving new life to existing materials.

bci cotton

we partner with better cotton to support more sustainable practices, working towards cotton farming becoming a more climate-resilient, environmentally conscious and responsible industry.

natural fibers

we use natural silk, linen, and other fibers throughout our collections. made with sustainable practices of farming and processing, natural fibers are grown from the earth, making them biodegradable and recyclable.

made in los angeles

we are proud to partner with vendors in the usa to support local workers. our compliant dye houses use low-impact dyes and work with facilities that recycle and repurpose waste.

dope-dyed double knit

our stretchy, double knit swimwear is colored using a dope-dye process that has a lower environmental impact than traditional dyeing methods. the dyes are applied as pellet pigments to the raw materials before they are spun into yarn, reducing water, energy and chemical usage.

recycled nylon

unsubscribed swimwear is proudly made from recycled nylon. we collect yarns from pre consumer nylon waste, turning them into new fibers with new purpose.

recycled polyester

we use recycled polyester fibers that have been repurposed from plastic water bottles in japan. supporting recycled materials helps reduce waste and pollution throughout the world.