we don’t consider ourselves a sustainable label. rather, we see ourselves on a journey towards doing better. ethicality is not a destination. it is a road we are taking with the help of local makers, natural fibers, and wise choices. join us on our journey. we are consciously-made, slow-fashion.

bci cotton

the better cotton initiative promotes better cotton farming practices around the world. they strive to use less water and fertilizers while promoting the health of the soil and natural habitats. they also prioritize ethical labor standards.


organic cotton

organic cotton farmers use less harmful chemicals in their growing process. this promotes the health of the land and communities that surround it. it also means that the clothing made from it is safer to wear.


recycled nylon

unsubscribed swimwear is made from up to 74% recycled nylon, turning post-consumer waste into new fibers with a new purpose. this fabrication uses less virgin resources for production and diverts waste from landfills. the majority of recycled nylon is made from old fishing nets.


recycled cashmere

recycled cashmere uses up to 30% recycled fibers giving them a new life and keeping them out of the landfill. just as soft with less harm to the environment.


made in la

items made in america help decrease transportation in turn reducing carbon emissions. further, factories in the USA have to follow domestic labor laws which support fair, safe, and humane working conditions. you can purchase with peace of mind.