our journey

enjoy the ride

we are free spirits at heart, inspired by the world and all of its beauty. our collection reflects a global perspective, united by our efforts to share consciously-made, slow-fashion that you will treasure forever.

our truth

we believe in being kind to ourselves, to each other, and the world. nothing more. nothing less. we only design a few seasons a year because it’s better for our planet and you. we work with brands that directly support their own makers and artisans. it’s about quality not quantity. it’s about empowerment and love.

we want to be clear, we are not a sustainable brand. while we have started off strong, we still have lots of work to do to with sustainability and we will keep you posted along the way. we will share our goals and accomplishments and also look forward to hearing directly from you on what you would would like to see us accomplish. together is always better.

if it's not effortless, it's not worth it

getting dressed should feel good and look great. effortlessly chic. our collections are designed to last season after season and be worn every single day.

you will see the other brands we feature on this site reflect the same beliefs and spirit that we do — consciously-made, slow-fashion. all together in one place. we do the work, so you don't have to.