to us, consciously-made, slow-fashion fashion is a journey - not a destination. we take pride in better production methods, natural fabrics, and lasting designs.

30% of the cashmere fibers in our current collection are recycled, meaning the yarn has been spun from process waste from past production, keeping fabrics out of landfill.

our cozy basics - tees, sweatshirts, pullovers - are made in los angeles to support local workers and compliant dye houses that recycle and repurpose.

all unsubscribed swimwear is proudly made using recycled nylon, giving new purpose to yarns collected from pre-consumer waste.

we reduce and reuse, both in new pieces and in giving new life to existing garments. whenever possible, we use recycled apparel waste in our collections, and our line of vintage classics seeks to give new purpose to pre-loved pieces.

we invite you to join us on our ride.