we are free spirits at heart, inspired by the world and all its beauty.

we don’t subscribe to traditional mindsets that tell us clothes make us who we are. we believe that our clothes show the world who we are. we are kind, conscious and free-spirited, opting for carefully selected materials and practices that give back to the world.

we subscribe to compassion, remaining considerate of the world around us and those within it. we see caring for others is a form of self-care.

we don’t subscribe to traditional manufacturing processes that only take from the earth. our collection reflects a global perspective, united by the efforts of all who seek to restore balance through beauty.

we subscribe to a belief that nothing made new should take away from the future. any step we take just brings us closer to a world in which beautiful clothing and objects bring nothing but harmony to the world. each piece in our collection is crafted with a sense of timelessness designed to be treasured. nothing more, nothing less. 

we believe in kindness, to ourselves, to each other and to the world.