Brand Protection

Authentic Unsubscribed® clothing and accessories may only be found at Unsubscribed stores and at To find official stores near you, please use our store locator or call us at +1.631.527.2018.


At Unsubscribed, we recognize counterfeiting is a serious, global problem and we are taking measures to combat the unauthorized production and sale of our merchandise. Counterfeit merchandise deceives consumers and deprives them of the superior quality they expect from the Unsubscribed® brand. Since counterfeit merchandise does not undergo our rigorous inspection and testing processes, it does not meet our high standards. To combat counterfeiters, Unsubscribed (1) participates in trainings and enforcement actions throughout the world in conjunction with law enforcement, (2) records its trademarks and intellectual property with Customs offices both domestic and abroad to prevent the transport of counterfeit goods, and (3) pursues both criminal and civil legal actions when necessary. If you suspect you have seen or purchased counterfeit Unsubscribed merchandise, please contact our Legal department by sending an email to Please include as much information as possible in describing the suspected merchandise, where you encountered the merchandise, and any additional relevant information.


For additional information about counterfeit merchandise, please visit the following sites:

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Stop Fakes

International Trademark Association